Ride Sharing

If you’re traveling to Luscious Queer Music Festival by car, be cool and carpool! We’ll be rewarding random carpoolers with various prizes including free merchandise, food or drink vouchers, backstage passes and more! These prizes will only be awarded to those carpooling with three or more people in a car. All you have to do is decorate your vehicle in one way or another with “I Carpooled to Luscious Queer Music Festival!” so we can see it easily when you come in the gates. Winners will be selected at random.

Interested in carpooling to Luscious, but don’t know how? Zimride is a great way to connect with other festival goers going your way. Drivers can post their trip on Zimride and riders can easily match with drivers. A great way to make new friends, save money, reduce traffic and our carbon footprint! Visit Zimride today to find a ride or set up a carpool!

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