The larger over-arching goal of our festival is to make an impact on LGBTQ immigration rights by raising desperately needed funds to help LGBTQ people being violently persecuted in places like Africa and Russia, successfully seek asylum in other countries where their lives will not be in danger.

A portion of the proceeds of this festival will go to ORAM, JFCS/East Bay’s LGBTQ Refugee and Asylee Program and the Refugee Guardian Group – organizations dedicated to providing legal and other assistance to members of the international LGBTQ community seeking asylum.

ORAM – Organization for Refuge Asylum & Migration One of the foremost organizations supporting the refuge and asylum needs of the LGBTQ. ORAM

Guardian Group of the 1st Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco Supported about 20 LGBTQ asylum seekers as their lives were in danger in their homeland Refugee Guardian Group

JFCS/East Bay’s LGBTQ Refugee Program — . Decades of experience assisting political refugees
JFCS/East Bay’s LGBTQ Refugee and Asylee Program